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Female-founded, California Based Chocolate Brand Officially Launches

ORANGE, CALIFORNIA, Dec 7, 2021 -- Born from the dream of bringing together low-carb diet enthusiasts and chocolate lovers alike with a healthy, great-tasting chocolate that also had simple ingredients, female-founded chocolate company, GOALZ, makes its debut as just that. 

Founder, Michelle Oten, comes from five generations of bakers and European chocolatiers. A low-carb diet enthusiast and chocolate lover herself, she started experimenting with making healthy, great-tasting chocolates with simple ingredients that would delight Keto dieters, those with diabetes, and any who look to limit sugar in their diets. GOALZ chocolates are the result of this experimental journey: fine chocolates that help you hit your macro goalz.

Oten shares that, “After extensive research and experimentation, we have realized that the problem of the perfect sugar-free chocolate was the sugar substitutes. After all, real fine chocolate has only been done with real sugar. Other sweeteners have different characteristics. Nobody has taken a good look at the  new rare sugar Allulose yet. It is perfect in the sense that it behaves almost same as sugar without the carbs and calories. ”

GOALZ stands out from the crowd as a sugar-free chocolate without the icky after-taste of sweeteners and/or without the traditional masking agents. This is in part due to the few ingredients that make up GOALZ’s chocolates: chocolate liquor (actual cocoa mass), cocoa butter, prebiotic fiber (inulin), allulose (a rare sugar: no carb, very low glycemic index) and nuts or coconut flakes. Of note, the allulose ingredient is what will make GOALZ a leader in the sugar-free chocolate industry, allulose is a rare sugar mainly found in figs and has a very low glycemic index with almost no calories, making it appealing to the health conscious crowd. 

Oten further expands here and mentions, “Real chocolate has mainly two simple ingredients: Cocoa and Sugar. Most candy manufacturers and sugar-free chocolate brands use fillers, masking agents, and other ingredients to make up the bulk difference from sugar and to mask the taste of sweeteners. Mainly by incorporating the new natural rare sugar (Allulose) to our chocolate formula, we have eliminated the need for any enzymes and artificial ingredients.”

Creating GOALZ took two years of formulation research that combines the art of chocolate making with finding out what’s best for low-carb dieters. GOALZ is not about chocolates that are mass-produced for profit, but about mixing carefully selected ingredients with low batch productions to bring care and love to each canister of chocolate.

The Keto Diet is difficult. Chocolate makes it easy. GOALZ makes it easier.

For those looking to try GOALZ’s various chocolate products, they are available online at Furthermore, GOALZ can be found on social media at Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest or online at


Founded in 2018, GOALZ is a chocolate brand designed specifically for low-carb dieters. With a few simple ingredients and fresh daily production, GOALZ creates honest chocolate without the preservatives, masking agents, and artificial ingredients. Known for their use of the premium natural sugar substitute, allulose, their chocolates stand on their own without the aftertaste of other natural substitutes and without the side effects of artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols. GOALZ is committed to transparent cocoa sources from coops in Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Indonesia, Brazil where farmers are supported and trained toward sustainable farming, socioeconomically thriving community building