GOALZ is a gourmet sugar-free chocolate brand designed specifically for keto and diabetic dieters, as well as anyone who maintains a healthy lifestyle. With a few simple ingredients and fresh daily production, GOALZ creates honest chocolate without preservatives, masking agents, and artificial ingredients. 

Known for using the premium natural sugar substitute allulose, our chocolates stand on their own without the aftertaste of other natural substitutes and the side effects of artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols. One taste will reveal why GOALZ is the premier allulose brand.

Our Founder

GOALZ is a family- and woman-owned business. Our founder, Michelle Oten, comes from five generations of bakers and European chocolatiers. 

A low-carb diet enthusiast and chocolate lover, she started this sugar-free chocolate brand after experimenting with making healthy, great-tasting chocolates with simple ingredients that delight keto dieters, those with diabetes, and anyone who wants to limit sugar in their diets. GOALZ chocolates result from this journey: fine chocolates that help you hit your macro goals.


GOALZ is committed to partnering with transparent cocoa sources from co-ops in Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Indonesia, and Brazil, where farmers are supported and trained toward sustainable farming and socioeconomically thriving community building. 

We strictly avoid any company or farm that uses child labor or isn’t 100% transparent about their farming practices. Employing child labor is a growing problem in the cocoa industry; it’s our responsibility to stand against it. We strive to be a sugar-free chocolate brand you can feel good about supporting.

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Our Chocolate

Traditional chocolate makers are rarely happy about using sugar substitutes. Because it’s tough to predict chocolate's behavior without sugar, and little is known about the crystallization of cocoa butter without sugar, the end result is usually not satisfactory.

This is why we had to do two years of research to achieve similar behaviors and flavors of sugar in our chocolates. From the aftertaste — which cannot be anything less than heavenly — to the melting location on our tongues, we’re the allulose brand that meticulously considers every last detail. 

Fortunately for our sugar-free chocolate brand, our cocoa beans appreciated our diligence and granted us the most exquisite chocolate without the undesirable properties of sugar. The goal was to create the most delicious chocolate without spiking blood glucose levels and adding elements of questionable origin. 

So, our chocolates aren’t only suitable for ketogenic, low-carb, and diabetic diets — they’re also there for anyone desiring to enjoy real, 100% natural chocolate without guilt.

Clean, Simple Ingredients

Our sugar-free dark chocolates have three ingredients, and our sugar-free milk chocolates have five. That’s all you need to make premium chocolate. The key is choosing the correct ingredients in the correct amount. Our chocolates are no sugar, no sugar alcohol, low carb, all-natural, vegan, and high cocoa butter content — genuine chocolates made by a sugar-free chocolate brand that’s passionate about the craft.

Processing cocoa beans creates chocolate liquor (actual cocoa mass) and cocoa butter. Chocolate liquor is the pure cocoa mass of the cocoa beans from which it’s produced; it contains both cocoa solids and cocoa butter in roughly equal proportions. Cocoa butter is the fat that makes our chocolates creamy. We don’t use any other fats or oils. It is packed with omega acids and micronutrients. 

Allulose is a rare, plant-based sweetener mainly found in figs. Its very low glycemic index and zero calories make it appealing to the health-conscious crowd, and everyone appreciates its lack of an artificial aftertaste. This FDA-approved 1:1 sugar substitute is set to revolutionize the industry, and we’re the allulose brand at the forefront of the movement.

In addition, we’re a sugar-free chocolate brand that gives you plenty of delicious flavor options, such as Mediterranean sea salt, Sicilian pistachios, organic coconut flakes, and roasted almonds or roasted hazelnuts — all sourced from sustainable farms.

Customer Feedback

This About Us page is written by us, the brand owners. But what you have to say is so much more important! That's why we’ve dedicated a page to highlighting what our customers say about GOALZ chocolates. All reviews are verified by an independent third party. Click here to view our reviews.

We selected a few that you may find useful:

  • Awesome flavor and richness expected in fine chocolate - Kraig Marquardt
  • This tastes like Godiva. This is the best sugar-free chocolate I have ever tasted. I will never buy any other. - Judith Dick
  • I have tried many types of low-carb chocolates, and I recently tried the GOALZ chocolates. All I have to say is, wow! The GOALZ chocolates are amazing and, without a doubt, the best low-carb dark chocolate anywhere. - John Savanyo
  • Chocolate that is glamorous and decadent. The packaging is the perfect showcase for this rich, silky treat, a feast for the eyes as well as the palate! - Karen Blakeman
  • This chocolate is wonderful, tastes Belgian to me. - Joy Loney
  • These are gently, perfectly sweetened to adult tastes, not to little kid super-sweet tastes. These chocolates are perfect for savoring, and they don't keep me from fitting into my favorite skinny jeans. - Celeste Stokely
  • These chocolates are insanely good. I’m talking better-than-my-chocolate-in-France good. - Kristin Lockhart
  • Excellent taste and texture, this is serious chocolate, low carb or not, and the packaging is brilliant - Tarek Mokhtar
  • You will never eat any other chocolate again. This chocolate is that good - Carol Bove
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Fine Chocolate

GOALZ is proud to be a sugar-free chocolate brand that’s a member of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association.

Contact Us

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