Indulge Guilt-free with GOALZ Low-Carb Chocolates

Enjoy the best sugar-free chocolates — clean, minimal ingredients with no sweetener aftertaste. Made with allulose, our gourmet sugar-free chocolates do not cause blood sugar spikes. Produced daily in small batches to ensure freshness. With our no-melt guarantee, place your order with confidence!

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This is the Best Keto Chocolate We've Ever Had

Do we recommend Goalz? Heck Yeah! These also look gorgeous! Keep Goalz in mind for someone's birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day...

Joe and Rachel from 2 Krazy Ketos recommends Goalz Allulose Chocolates
Joe & Rachel Stauffer
2 Krazy Ketos

I just tried Goalz keto chocolates and now I can die

Goalz is the Best Chocolate, Keto or Not, I've Ever Tried in my Life

Francis Vachon from Famadillo thinks Goalz is the Best Keto Chocolate
Francis Vachon

Best best tasting sugar-free chocolates on the market

These chocolates are absolutely delicious! No after taste no artificial taste, just dark rich delicious chocolates that literally melt in your mouth!

Wendy from Love it On Keto Loves Goalz Allulose Chocolates
Wendy Tchinski
Loving It On Keto

If you're looking to support women-owned businesses, start with this chocolatier. Unlike other sugar-free chocolates that have a waxy texture, Goalz’s chocolates taste rich — the eight- and 11-year-old who tested them out with us heartily approved.

JK Doha on Ethically Sourced Chocolate
Leon Kaye
Triple Pundit

Great Clean Keto Chocolate

This chocolate tastes amazing. Not only is the chocolate first class, so is the packaging. I highly recommend this product.

Judi Goldkamp recommends Goalz as the Healthy Clean Keto Chocolate
Judi Goldkamp
Keto Naturopath Kitchen

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Sugar-Free Dark Chocolates

Thanks to the premium cocoa and our long refining process, our divine dark chocolates taste just like premium European chocolates with deep, complex flavor profiles and only three ingredients. Dairy-free, 100% plant-based, and vegan-friendly. Unbox joy!

Sugar-Free Milk Chocolates

Savor the sweet and satisfying sensation of melt-in-your-mouth allulose milk chocolates, lovingly made with just five simple ingredients. Diabetic and keto-friendly. Meet the velvety, creamy low-carb chocolate of your dreams.

Keto Baking Essentials

Elevate your recipes with the best sugar-free chocolate chips you’ve ever tasted. Sweeten confections, coffee, and tea with our non-GMO pure allulose — a natural, plant-based sweetener that tastes and acts just like sugar with no bitter, metallic, or chemical aftertaste.

Gift Packs

Mix and match delicious allulose chocolates for your loved ones. Perfect for special occasions or just because, these bundles are individually hand-decorated for a high-end presentation that’s sure to impress. Share the sweetness!



Pick 4 from 8 Flavors:

DARK: Mediterranean Sea Salt, Roasted Almonds, Roasted Hazelnuts, Sicilian Pistachios, Organic Coconut, and Goalz Original.

MILK: Original, and Roasted Almonds

Mix, Match, and Save up to 17%

Infusing Innovation with Tradition

GOALZ was founded by Michelle Oten — a computer scientist who comes from five generations of European chocolatiers. As a chocolate connoisseur and low-carb dieter, she had a lofty goal: to create low-carb chocolates that taste exactly like the premium European chocolates she loves, but healthier. After years of research and experimentation, she succeeded.

Best Sellers

We invite you to peruse all our delectable allulose chocolate varieties. If you’re not sure where to begin, browse our most popular offerings. Our customers adore these artisan chocolates. We think you will, too!

Taste the Allulose Difference

Allulose is an FDA-approved, 100% natural, plant-based sweetener that delivers the taste of sugar without the drawbacks. We use allulose to make our low-carb chocolates because it doesn’t have the unpleasant aftertaste of artificial sweeteners, has zero net carbs, and does not cause blood sugar spikes.

Easy Keto Recipes

At GOALZ, we don’t just make the best sugar-free chocolates. We also strive to support those who live a low-carb lifestyle, whether by choice or necessity. We hope you enjoy these easy, delicious keto recipes.

Keto mocha latte parfaits topped with GOALZ low-carb chocolates
A low-carb meal

Low-Carb Dieting 101

Learning about low-carb dieting empowers you to stay healthy while satisfying your palate. We’re passionate about the lifestyle, and our in-house experts are more than happy to share important information to enhance your journey.

Sweeten Life’s Moments with GOALZ

Our low-carb chocolates are truly exceptional. As a family- and woman-owned business, we’re so grateful for each and every one of our customers. If you thought authentic, low-carb chocolate was off the table, it’s time to dive into the sweet world of our gourmet, sugar-free chocolate delicacies. Shop now and taste the GOALZ difference!


Depending on the type of chocolate, you will get 8oz to 9oz of chocolate. This is equal to 5 to 6 standard Hershey chocolate candy bars (Not that you can compare a real chocolate with a candy bar :) ). The number of chocolate discs changes from 22 to 27, depending on the thickness of the mendiants.

Alllulose is a rare sugar obtained from produce like figs, grapes, maple etc.It can be derived from corn and fructose as well. Allulose is  referred to as a “rare sugar” due to its discovery in small quantities in nature.

It is unique in its nutrient profile. It has the typical structure of a carbohydrate but only contributes minimal amounts of calories and net carbs. It is an excellent choice for Ketogenic dieters. Learn more about Allulose.

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