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This is the Best Keto Chocolate We've Ever Had

Do we recommend Goalz? Heck Yeah! These also look gorgeous! Keep Goalz in mind for someone's birthday, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day...

Joe and Rachel from 2 Krazy Ketos recommends Goalz Allulose Chocolates
Joe & Rachel Stauffer
2 Krazy Ketos

I just tried Goalz keto chocolates and now I can die

Goalz is the Best Chocolate, Keto or Not, I've Ever Tried in my Life

Francis Vachon from Famadillo thinks Goalz is the Best Keto Chocolate
Francis Vachon

Best best tasting sugar-free chocolates on the market

These chocolates are absolutely delicious! No after taste no artificial taste, just dark rich delicious chocolates that literally melt in your mouth!

Wendy from Love it On Keto Loves Goalz Allulose Chocolates
Wendy Tchinski
Loving It On Keto

If you're looking to support women-owned businesses, start with this chocolatier. Unlike other sugar-free chocolates that have a waxy texture, Goalz’s chocolates taste rich — the eight- and 11-year-old who tested them out with us heartily approved.

JK Doha on Ethically Sourced Chocolate
Leon Kaye
Triple Pundit

Great Clean Keto Chocolate

This chocolate tastes amazing. Not only is the chocolate first class, so is the packaging. I highly recommend this product.

Judi Goldkamp recommends Goalz as the Healthy Clean Keto Chocolate
Judi Goldkamp
Keto Naturopath Kitchen


Pick 4 from 8 Flavors:

DARK: Mediterranean Sea Salt, Roasted Almonds, Roasted Hazelnuts, Sicilian Pistachios, Organic Coconut, and Goalz Original.

MILK: Original, and Roasted Almonds

Mix, Match, and Save 16%

Every Bit As Good As Belgian Chocolates

I am writing to thank you for the creativity and care it must have taken to develop such wonderful chocolates!

After living in Belgium for a number of years — where we consumed far too many of their chocolate treats — I later developed diabetes and had to give those up. That is until I saw your products on line, after searching for chocolates made with allulose. That you could produce a chocolate that we could not in a blind taste test differentiate from the Belgian ones we used to get, and that is safe for diabetics to consume, was a revelation.

Thank you so much, I’m so glad we discovered Goalz!!

Photo of Darren Trigonoplos

-Darren Trigonoplos, Arlington, VA

Why Goalz?

Great Taste. Great Results.

We’re committed to being the healthiest chocolatiers in the industry. 

When you buy Goalz, you get:

- Delicious, Artisan chocolate that’s made fresh to order daily in our California location.

- Real chocolate with no-nonsense. Only wholesome, quality ingredients.  

- Keto-friendly, diabetic-approved low-carb chocolates without the aftertaste of Stevia, Erythritol, Monk Fruit, or artificial sweeteners. 

We strive to make chocolate that tastes so good you won’t think it’s sugar-free. So, how do we deliver the sweet chocolate flavor you love without artificial sweeteners?

We use a rare sugar naturally found in fruits such as figs and grapes called Allulose

pictures of the hands of a farmer holding cocoa beans from a sustainable farm


Keto-Friendly Chocolate Made from Fresh, Quality Ingredients

Regardless of your dietary restrictions, everyone deserves to eat what they love. With nothing like Goalz chocolates on the market, our team got to work researching the best way to deliver the delicious taste of chocolate you crave without the added sugars and carbs. We are so confident that you’ll love our chocolate that we offer a 100% money-back guaranteed.

Skip the artificial flavors. Skip the unhealthy sugars and loaded carbs. Ditch the guilt. Indulge in healthier dark chocolate made from quality ingredients and ethically sourced cocoa with Goalz keto chocolates.


Trusted by Countless Diabetics & Keto Dieters


I changed my lifestyle to a low carb, no sugar, as I was pre-diaberic. I came across this product and decided to give it a try as the only two ingredient are cocoa and Allulose. This chocolate definitely stops my cravings for sweets. I make a lot of keto/low carb desserts with this chocolate, and I love it. The flavor is amazing and it definitely does not spike my sugar levels. The chocolate does not leave an aftertaste. It melts well when I make chocolate syrup or put some in my morning coffee. I am no longer pre-diabetic, as I am careful of what I eat, and this chocolate is part of my diet! This is really an amazing chocolate!!

Alicia Del Rosario
Spring Valley, CA

I have tried many different brands of chocolate for keto and low carb diets--this has been my favorite and my blood sugars handle it well! Taste great, great texture...Highly recommend! Also no funky stevia or monk fruit after taste.

David Feig
Seattle, WA

My body has been in a Ketosis stage for 2 years. I reversed my type 2 diabetes by eating no flour, no sugar and allowed only 10 gram carbs per meal. As a Swiss I love my chocolate and Goalz chocolates are excellent for my Ketosis Lifestyle, 1 gram net carbs for about 3 pieces.The chocolates are rich, creamy, delicious.The packaging is cool, smart looking and well designed. Goalz Team don't change a thing.

Walter Gmuer
Aiea, HI

I'm addicted!

I am unable to eat processed sugar, gluten, or dairy. It can be really hard to satisfy my need for chocolate with those limitations. I am absolutely addicted to Goalz. I've tried all varieties and they are all lovely. This is high quality and really good "good for you" chocolate! I highly recommend trying!

Denise St Clair
Brandywine, MD


Wow, these are the best. I had not been allowing myself chocolate as I’m doing keto currently so when I saw these, I thought I’d give them a try. And wow they’re so good and give me that mental break I need ever now and then to keep on the program. Very happy to have discovered these.

Ian Ingersol
West Cornwall, CT

There is nothing else like it!

These dark chocolate wafers are THE BOMB! The flavor is about as intense as you can get, enough so that this bona-fide dark chocolate fanatic is happy to eat only 2 wafers a night after dinner. Normally I would be tempted to eat a pound, but this chocolate is so satisfying that a little bit more than suffices. The packaging is gorgeous, and the company thoughtfully offers shipping on ice as I live in Phoenix, AZ. My orders have always arrived in perfect condition, even during a week when the temps reached 115. Thank you Goalz for creating such good keto-friendly chocolate!

Barbara deCerchio
Buckeye, AZ

We are enjoying them immensely! We are chocolate lovers and when we recently started a Keto diet we thought we would be deprived. But, when our Goalz arrived we were thrilled we could still have our nightly after dinner chocolate, keep to our Keto and it is excellent! We are transitioning off Keto but will continue to use Goalz for our evening treat.

photo of greg
Greg Mehlhaff
Oakland, CA

I love chocolate and dark chocolate above all else. I tell you this is some gourmet high-end chocolate. You just know when you are tasting it. I also love the fact it's keto and vegan friendly.

photo of curt
Curt Jones
Charlotte, NC

Best sugar free chocolate out there

I was reluctant to try these because I can’t stand the aftertaste of most sugar substitutes, but allulose is a game changer. These are delicious! Upon trying my first order, I had to immediately place another order for more!

Tina Ruiz
Bulverde, TX


Depending on the type of chocolate, you will get 8oz to 9oz of chocolate. This is equal to 5 to 6 standard Hershey chocolate candy bars (Not that you can compare a real chocolate with a candy bar :) ). The number of chocolate discs changes from 22 to 27, depending on the thickness of the mendiants.

Alllulose is a rare sugar obtained from produce like figs, grapes, maple etc.It can be derived from corn and fructose as well. Allulose is  referred to as a “rare sugar” due to its discovery in small quantities in nature.

It is unique in its nutrient profile. It has the typical structure of a carbohydrate but only contributes minimal amounts of calories and net carbs. It is an excellent choice for Ketogenic dieters. Learn more about Allulose.

For the continental US, we ship FREE for orders $39 and up. For orders less than $39, we have Goalz Priority Shipping for $4.99 flat rate and Goalz Priority with Insulated Box and Ice Packs for $7.99 flat rate. For faster delivery, other shipping options are available via UPS or USPS. No international shipping is available.

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