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Very Tasty

Its hard-to-find good chocolate that has just Allulose in it. This was amazing. I bought this and another chocolate and will now be buying monthly. AMAZING.

Best keto chocolates ever!

These are by far the best keto chocolates I’ve tried. Smooth chocolate and great flavor. Not overly sweet.

MUCH better than I expected

I'm borderline diabetic and I LOVE LOVE dark chocolate and will never be able to give it up. Saw this on Facebook and was extremely wary because I've been burned every single time i bought anything on Facebook, but figured eh, if there's a chance of finding chocolate that I'll be able to eat and it tastes decent, what the hell.

I got the 3 pack because I wanted to try the plain, hazlenut and sea salt. Got all 3 within i think 2 days of ordering, which was a shock. Here's what I got:

Box was made of some kind of foam instead of cardboard and reflective on the inside. I'm assuming this is to help with the heat control to keep the chocolate from melting. Next, all 3 containers were inside a funky little padded bag. Again, assumption is to help keep the chocolate from melting. Each container was wrapped in plastic and then the containers had a little seal on it, so you could see it wasn't tampered with. I kind of had an issue with the plastic wrap as kind of extra waste since the tube was sealed. but if these were sold on a shelf, yeah, i'd want that extra plastic wrap.

I of course opened all 3 right away. Chocolate wasn't melted at all, but temps were mid 70's and the package sat outside for maybe an hour before i got it.

Chocolates were wafer sized and had a little paper between each. Great idea, because if they happened to melt, they wouldn't fuse into one big huge block.

Tried Sea Salt first. it was okay, but a little too much salt for me, and i LOVE salted chocolate. Salt is on the bottom, so got the full salt blast right away. Tried another upside down with the salt on top, and it was better. Got the chocolate taste first, then the salt mixed in, but still a bit too much salt for me. It's not caked in salt by any means, but for some reason it comes across as saltier than others for me. Not that it kept me from eating more...

Tried the hazlenut next. that was pretty good. hazlenut shavings on top of the wafer. Never really had hazlenut chocolate before, so I had nothing to compare it to. Not too overwhelming. Enjoyed it

Plain, which is my preference over salted caramel dark chocolate. This was really good. really really good. Overall, not my favorite chocolate in the world, but i liked it better than a lot of other dark chocolates i've had, and definitely worth getting for being sugar free.

If you haven't had allulose before, this is my first time as well. I don't like sweet chocolate. milk chocolate and semi sweet are really too sweet for me, which is why i like dark chocolate. This chocolate is right there for me. I have NOT eaten these in large quantities. I've only had 3 in one day, so I'm not sure if there are any side effects like with the wonderful olestra side effects. Since allulose isn't digestible, I'm not sure I'd eat the full container in one sitting just to see what happens.

I HIGHLY recommend the chocolate, and HIGHLY recommend the 3 pack bundle as well. If you want a sampler, this is a perfect mix and match way to go, not to mention the extra $$ savings.

I attached a pic of all 3 showing the bottom, so you can see the amount of salt and hazlenut shavings. It also shows that seal i mentioned as well as that little paper that separates the wafers. Unfortunately, I didn't get the review info until after i threw out the packaging or i would have included a pic of all that as well.

I'll definitely be coming back for more :-)

Best Sugar-free Chocolate i have ever tasted

Awesome flavor and richness expected in fine chocolate. I highly recommend these products as a suitable replactment to fine chocolates. Extreme flavor


I’m not a review person unless it deserves it. I was impressed with the experience, the quality of the product, the packaging, the shipping and everything else. I will give 10 stars, but they only allow me 5.

Great chocolate

I tried the 3 mix and the chocolate was delicious. I’ve already told people to buy these chocolates!!!

Awesome Treats

I ordered the 3 pack bundle and was very pleased. The chocolates were packaged in a heavy duty carton along with an ice pack to protect the candy. The chocolates themselves are excellent in taste and texture. There’s no funny after taste. Definitely worth the money!

So tasty

We bought the 3 canister pack, and love the dark chocolate and dark chocolate with sea salt, the coconut one is ok but not one of our favorites, we haven’t tried the chocolate chips yet but plan to soon


These chocolates came in the nick of time because I was craving for chocolate. Bought the variety pack but haven't tried the coconut or plain dark chocolate yet. I enjoy the ones with the nuts on them but the dark chocolate with sea salt is really good! Since not having much sugar in my diet, these have a hint of sweetness to me. Glad that I came across the ad on Facebook. I bought the chocolate chips as well but haven't used them yet. They do taste good too!

Delicious and no after taste

What a treat! So good that it tastes like sugar treats. I can now feel like everyone else and keep my blood sugar normal while indulging.

Great chocolate, but came melted

The chocolate was delicious and absolutely satisfied my cravings, I would highly recommend it. However, when it was delivered it was completely melted. We have 3 tubes of chocolate now 🤣. I realize this is partly on me... it is June in AZ. I will be purchasing again but probably not until the fall.

Creamy Delight

This chocolate is amazing! Smooth and creamy with no aftertaste. I gave some to my husband who doesn’t like anything with artificial sweeteners and he didn’t even know it wasn’t fancy chocolate. I love the sea salt and the almond the best. Finally something that won’t make my blood sugar go crazy that is delicious to eat.

SOOOO delicious

Wow!! These chocolates are so good!! I started trying Keto and as a Diabetic, I really appreciate these delicious chocolates!! Shipping was extremely fast too!! Love all of the recipes too!

3 pack bundle

These chocolates are SO good! Shipping was fast and packaged extremely well. I've had lots of no sugar chocolate and these are amazing! You won't regret it.


This chocolate is everything that's been missing from my low-carb lifestyle. It tastes amazing — better than many high quality chocolates made with sugar. I cannot believe there is a way for me to indulge my sweet tooth with no consequences. 10/10 would recommend!

Best smooth Keto chocolate

I’ve been on Keto for 2 months and hadn’t been able to find a satisfying smooth chocolate until now! GOALZ is my go to to satisfy my sweet tooth.


I really enjoy eating this dark chocolate. I felt like I was never going to eat chocolate again but Goalz has renewed my faith in good chocolate.


Just the right amount of yummy dark chocolate to satisfy my chocolate addiction.

Perfect diabetic snack!

This chocolate is wonderful, tastes Belgian to me. I chop it and add it to homemade granola . It is affordable and worth every penny. Thank you!!


Arrived perfectly. We loved the chocolates!

I can treat myself now!

It's so nice to be able to enjoy some delicious chocolate without the guilt! Thank you!

Very Satisfied Customer

I was very pleased with my first order. The chocolates were delicious. Delivery was extremely quick. The packaging was insulated and very pretty. I will order again.


Delicious, perfect size

Chocolate deight

Finally a diabetic friendly chocolate that taste awesome love all the flavors keep on rocking out some new ones

Great chocolates.!!!!

My new favorite chocolates. Great for my keto diet.