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Amazing Chocolate

This chocolate is delicious! So flavorful you would never know it’s sugar free! And no aftertaste which so many sugar free products have. We will be ordering more!

6 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Diana Jewell (Valrico, US)
Five star chocolate

This is THE BEST chocolate hard not to eat all of it at once. You have a loyal customer

3 pack bundle fantastic!

The 3 pack bundle was fantastic. Chocolate is wonderful with great prices on the bundle. Will be ordering more!! Already have shared the website with family and friends!

Dark Keto Chocolate with Sicilian Pistachios
Carly Lembo (Philadelphia, US)
The best keto chocolate 🍫

I have never tasted chocolate so good. I got thr Sicilian pistachio. Oh my greatness!!!!

perfect snap

This has the snap of really good chocolate with no weird after taste. It's delightful.

Delicious chocolate

I was very impressed. Each piece is the perfect size and the packaging is just perfect.

3 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Michele Urena (Yuma, US)
Chocolate Lover

All I can say is it's absolutely delicious!! 😋 Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

3 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Debbie miller (Miami, US)
Great keto chocolate

Some of the very best tasting keto chocolates!

6 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
D. Burgess (Clemmons, US)

I’m a chocoholic but need to watch my sugar intake. This chocolate is most delectable despite the low sugar! It’s smooth on your taste buds and satisfying. Insulated and substantial packaging. I bought the special of six and will be purchasing again. I’m very pleased with the flavor and texture. Each piece is a wonderful treat!

3 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Kristine Markley (Chicago, US)
Awesome chocolate!

Very impressed with this chocolate. Just the right little treat. Very impressed with how it comes. I will definitely purchase again and again…..

Goalz Gift Card
Emily Prescott (Ilkeston, GB)
Why your Goalz chocolate is not available in internet to buy???

Why your Goalz chocolate is not available in United kingdom 🇬🇧

3 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Danielle (Hobbs, US)
Best Low Carb Chocolates Ever

I consider myself a chocolate snob and absolutely was critical of these chocolates before trying.

I am impressed. I love dark chocolate and these wafers are dark chocolatey goodness that actually melt in your mouth. There is no strange aftertaste due to the natural sweetener used, and I am very happy with my purchase - and will be purchasing again.

I feel I am getting all the benefits of cocoa without the added sugars or bad taste.

3 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Susan M (Greenland Station, US)
Never be without!

I will be forever grateful to my friend who told me about your amazing, naturally sweetened chocolates. I will never be without them! My first order was the 3Pack Bundle-Mix, Match, Save, and that is likely what I will continue to order. Thank you for such a wonderful, safe product.

So delicious!!!

I was so pleased to recieve my Goalz and immediately opened the beautifully wrapped package and tried one of each. They are soooo good it is had to keep to the limit of 3 per serving!!! I look forwars to special treat each night with a cuo of tea. I highly reccommend these eapecially if you are doing keto or are diabetic!!!!

3 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Scott Odle - Platte River Keto (Omaha, US)
Goalz 3 pack

Really enjoyed the chocolate. It was well packaged, it tasted great. It really took care of that sweet tooth and also my wife's chocolate craving. A great keto option!

3 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Lisa Crockett (New Milford, US)
Magically Delicious!

So happy to have found these chocolates, absolutely delicious!

fine allulose

i was very pleased with quality of the product. it is a great value and free shipping made it my choice. i will definitely order again!!

3 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Alexis (Lavallette, US)
Yummy chocolate

Beautiful packaging with oohs and ahs as I opened it. What a beautiful gift to send someone. After tasting my three choices we all decided it was the best tasting chocolate. I am afraid to give a better review as when the info about how good the chocolate is I am afraid the prices will increase❤️


The Goalz chips are great adds to keto cream and dairy based based desserts and snacks! Just the right amount of chocolate to satisfy my sweet tooth without the worry.

So yummy!

These are surprisingly so good! Would have them off Keto!

Amazing chocolate!

We continue to find new ways to use this delicious chocolate. We just wish they would hurry and get their milk chocolate chips to market 🙃

6 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Nancy Kern (Ft. Pierce, US)
Best Chocolate Ever!

Delicious and so beautifully presented! I gave out individual canisters as Christmas gifts and everyone loved them! They are carefully packed and arrived quickly. I also ordered the chocolate chips and have been using them in my Keto baking recipes. I’ll certainly order more!

3 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Patricia Schulze (Cleves, US)
Yummy Chocolates

I am thoroughly enjoying my chocolates from GOALZ! I am trying to lose weight, but I still have a sweet tooth. Sometimes I just want a little something sweet and chocolatey and these chocolates are very satisfying. Yummy!😋 I will definitely be ordering more.

Best keto chocolate I've tasted

If you didn't tell someone this was suagr-free chocolate, they would never know. Wonderful flavor, no bitter or chemical taste that some sugar free chocolate sometimes has and the sea salt blend was great with the perfect amount of salt. Will be buying again!

3 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
HOU1PTT (League City, US)

Keto or not, this is great chocolate. Even if I stop doing Keto, I will still order this chocolate!