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Goalz dark chocolate

These are great! I bought five so far, and I plan on being a regular customer!

love it

The chocolate is smooth and delicious. I just love it!

Chocolate bundle

I’m a diabetic and this is my 2 nd purchase of the chocolate bundle (Sea Salt and Hazel nut). It is nice to have a place to go when you get a craving for chocolate. Your chocolate is very smooth and satisfying!
Thank you

4 pack low carb chocolate bundle

I’m a type 2 diabetic and I love this chocolate ! No sugar highs and low calories!

Father's Day Chocolate Gift Packs - Sugar-Free
Carolyn R Fugate (Colorado Springs, US)
Perfect sweet snack!

I ordered the gift pack with all milk chocolate. YUM - how wonderful to have something so creamy good and without sugar or the awful sweetener substitutes that cause havoc on the gastrointestinal system! I'm so glad I took the original plunge into GOALZ CHOCOLATES!

Delicious chocolate

The dark chocolate sea salt is my absolute favorite. This is the best sugar free chocolate I’ve ever had. Only one problem, I want to eat the whole container!

Only Chocolate I Will Buy!!

Delicious chocolate with clean and high quality ingredients. They also provide top notch service if you have any issues. I always order more when I open my last tube!

Like the Real Thing

I recently recieved my 2nd order of GOALZ chocolates and continue to be impressed. The first time I ordered just 1 package of the dark chocolate. It was smototh with excelent chocolate flavor and no aftertaste like many artificially sweetened chocolates and candy are. This time I ordered the 4 pack with dark, darl/coconut/dark/sea salt and darl almond. I haven't tried the almond yet but the others were all great. I especially enjot the coconut. For someone who tries to stay keto adjacent, GOALZ are a great treat.

My favorite treat!

I love GOALZ chocolates! They are my go-to guilt free treat. Highly recommend for a sugar-free diet

Great chocolate without the carbs

I've had a big variety of premium chocolates, Goalz compares most favorably

This sweetener is wonderful! It melts into food and drinks instantly, leaves no bad aftertaste like stevia. Highly recommend this as a sugar substitute with nearly zero carbs.

Awesome chocolate

I have purchased from Goalz before and find their chocolate to be exceptional. I have tried the original dark, dark coconut, dark pistachio, and dark sea salt I like them all but I think the sea salt is my favorite. I like that they come in little discs and they are separated by papers. This is great.


A diabetic's dream! I can finally have my chocolate fix with out the spike. Love!

Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate with Roasted Hazelnuts
Leslee Detillo (Chino Hills, US)

Dark chocolate with just a hint of hazelnut. Very enjoyable.

Chocolate chips

This is our favorite chocolate! Thank you for making such a a high quality product!

NEW 6 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Joseph Cardaci (Greenwood, US)
Variety in Non-Guilty Pleasure

There are many delicious options with Goalz, The bundle allows both me and my wife to choose our favorite flavors and get a discount to boot.

Dark and Milk Chocolates

I have bought the dark chocolate in the past - keto . We absolutely love it. I have recently been diagnosed a diabetic and we tried the Milk Chocolate sugar free that is Keto and also diabetic friendly. All of it is fantastic. There is no weird aftertaste being sugar free and I will continue to buy these chocolates. So good!

Sugar-Free Allulose Chocolate Chips
Nate Geigley (Centreville, US)
Delicious Chocolate

Taste is amazing, cannot believe it’s low carb! Love this chocolate!

Goalz Original Sugar-Free Chocolate - 60% Dark
Kevin Cartwright (Hempstead, US)

This is my 3 rd order . Taste great an very delicious. Once I ran out again I’ll buy more. Plus I like sugar but for this product I don’t miss it. The sugar . It bold with flavor an taste. The different toppings are also taste I highly recommend this product . Thank you

It’s great tasting chocolate. Low carb/calorie. My go to chocolates now.

4 Pack Low-Carb Chocolate Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Steph Chocolate Lover (McLean, US)

Just the right amount of sweet to enjoy!

Love love love the dark chocolate with sea salt. Best one out of all the flavors!

Outstanding presentation!

I ordered a bundle of four different flavors. These chocolates are packed so exquisitely! The ice pack was melted by the time it reached me, but the chocolates themselves were preserved in their containers! The taste is wonderful and I only need one a day to quench my desire for chocolate without anything other than natural ingredients! My new “go to” treat for sure! Will try other flavors next time!!! Hard to decide on my favorite so far!

Good chocolate

Great tasting chocolate. Good for people with diabetes.