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Allulose Sweetener

Great product at a great price. Will buy again.

Dark Keto Chocolate with Mediterranean Sea Salt
Renee Reynolds (San Francisco, US)

Very tasty. No bitterness or funny aftertaste. What a treat

4 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Elaine (Sacramento, US)
I Love Goalz

I bought the Goalz 4-Pack Bundle-Mix and Match. It wasn’t my first Goalz purchase. I loved the first one so much, the bought the 4-pack and saved. These chocolates so good and practically carb-free. And the shipping is very fast. I’ll keep ordering and recommending them to friends. Love, love, love.

4 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Carleen Olsen (Kalama, US)
Pleasantly surprised

Finally tried Goalz chocolates. I bought the 4-pack bundle and chose four different ones. I really, really love the sea salt one. I mean REALLY love it. I have not tried all the flavors, but have no doubts they're all good. I was pleasantly surprised with the size of the wafers. Thicker than I expected. I'm satisfied with one or two wafers. These are now my go-to sweet treat. I do my best to avoid sugar, but cannot give up chocolate. This chocolate is so smooth. I buy the dark chocolate

4 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Vicki Dill (Dallas, US)
Great stuff!

I LOVE Goalz Keto chocolate!!!

4 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Cindy Mugnaini (Riverside, US)

Best low-carb chocolate I've ever had. The sea salt dark chocolate is to die for!

Mother's Day Gift Pack - Mix & Match
Angel Reed (Tuscaloosa, US)
Amazing!! Definitely will buy again!!

It arrived super quickly, and my mom found them delicious!! Shes been struggling with finding new snacks that are keto but still fun to eat, and the amount of chocolates that came in the package was amazing. She asked me to include these with all her gifts, to which I will happily oblige!

Dark Keto Chocolate with Organic Coconut
Jeff Caruso (Malvern, US)
Salter Chocolate

These are the best chocolates EVER !

Absolutely delicious chocolates!!

I love these chocolates! No weird aftertaste and they are the perfect treat at the end of the day!

Excellent customer service and delicious chocolate

I had an issue with my order and customer service was very responsive and corrected the issue. I have only tried the dark chocolate and I love how the chocolate is so smooth. I can’t wait to try the other flavors.
Ordered the allulose chocolate chips and will save those for keto baking this summer. Great product!

My husband and I have been on keto for more than a year but we both have a sweet tooth. Finding GOALZ chocolate was a great find and we ended up finishing the container in 2 weeks. I really enjoyed the sea salt one, but I would love to see other flavors other than the nut and coconut. As for the product, I love it and would definitely buy again. However, in regard to service, I am not pleased. On their website they were offering a 10% off coupon. It is what convinced me to just try the product out. However, there was no code to put in when I clicked on the coupon marquee at the top of the page. It just took me to where I could buy the chocolates. So I clicked on the chocolate I wanted and proceeded with my order. It was only after that I realized that they didn't take the 10% off. I emailed GOALZ about the missing coupon and I still have not heard back about it. It's a shame really to find such a great product that I will never purchase again simply because the company has proven that I cannot trust them with my money. This would have been a 5 star review for the product alone.

4 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Susan (Land O' Lakes, US)
So glad I found these!

Just made my second purchase of these great chocolates. First time I purchased two containers. This time I went for the 4 container bundle. Each flavor was delicious. A few chocolate pieces each evening keeps me on my keto journey. They arrived quickly and the packaging is great. So glad I found these treats!

Goalz Original Keto Chocolate - 60% Dark
Kathy Briddick (Arnold, US)

This was my second order. Delicious chocolates. Perfect portion sized disc. No digestive issues. Highly recommend.

Dark Keto Chocolate with Roasted Hazelnuts
Jason Mitchell (Harrisonburg, US)
Taste great

Buying again

4 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Monte Strand (Bremerton, US)
Terrific Chocolate

Of the few low carb chocolates available this stands above them all. Deeply enjoyable and beautifully presented. My family and I are delighted to have found Goalz.

Dark Keto Chocolate with Organic Coconut
Crystal Bur (Indianapolis, US)
Love these..so yummy

I'm on a lazy keto way of life and these are great when I just want some chocolate! So good!

First Try

This was my first try of Goalz chocolate and I must say it was an overwhelmingly positive one! I've been looking for a sugar substitute and have been so disappointed with Stevia as well as Monk fruit. Allulose gives me zero chemical hit and the quality of the chocolate is excellent. Completely guilt free!

Mother's Day Gift Pack - Mix & Match
Phyllis Shapiro (Old Greenwich, US)
Great Mothers Day Idea

My Mother’s Day gift was a great success. The sea salt chocolate was the biggest hit. I wholeheartedly recommend these chocolates for anyone with a sophisticated sweet tooth.

Dark Keto Chocolate with Roasted Almonds
Richard CRESSON (Swarthmore, US)
Dark chocolate with almonds

Excellent taste. Not too sweet or strong. No blood sugar worries either

4 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Mariya Stoyanova (Winchester, US)
The best chocolate

As someone who currently can’t have sugar this is by far the best chocolate I’ve ever had.

Delicious Flavor

What a treat to open and then taste!

Just two(2) to satisfy!

4 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Amy Vendel (Chicago Ridge, US)
The crave I need

I saw the FB ad and am on the keto diet so thought I would try it out. I was really impressed with the super fast shipping, and the chocolates taste really good. I do at first think they did upset my tummy, but now I’m used to them and love having them as an after dinner treat. Almond and coconut are my favorite!

Very satisfying

Quite good. No weird aftertaste. Will buy more

4 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Britt (Riverton, US)

Best chocolate I’ve found!

Great chocolate

Already reordered once and will be reordering many more times. My whole family loves it