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Finally a keto chocolate that I like!

This chocolate is really better than the other keto options on the market. Allulose doesn't have the (in my mind) bad aftertaste that others have so eating this chocolate is great. It is very dark, so you do get the full cocoa taste without being too bitter. I thought I'd need the coconut or hazelnut to "make it better" but I actually like the plain dark chocolate as much as the other options. I got the chocolate chips as well and it's great for keto baking. I'm not going back to other types of chocolate chips after this.

Excellent Mini Chips!

I’m using these in ice cream and they are the perfect size and taste … not too dark, not too light … and the sweetness is spot on. I’m still experimenting but I expect to order much more very soon. Thanks for a great product! Can I convince you to make peanut butter mini chips?

Not as pictured

They taste great, but they are mini chips. The photo makes them look like they are full size. They are fine for a ganache, but do not make good chocolate chip cookies..


These taste so good!!!


I loved everything about these chocolates! The packaging, the shape, and most of all...the TASTE!!!

Sweet and Salty Yum!

I have finally found a sugar free chocolate that is dreamy and creamy with no bitter after taste. Love the sea salt dark chocolate wafers!! Just the right amount to crush your cravings.

Fantastic treat

I have purchased for the third time as I have found this to be one of the best healthy treats.

Best sugar free chocolate

These are de-vine! Don't know which flavor I like best, so the three pack is great. My nightly treat.

Love them!

Both my husband and I loved them! I have to be careful with my blood sugar, so this is a great treat! I immediately ordered some as a gift for our vegan friends. One of them is diabetic, so this is perfect for her.

Great tasting Chocolate

Love this Chocolate with allulose!
Taste just like the real thing, great for those on keto like me. So delicious and doesn’t upset your stomach . Thanks Goalz

Great chocolate

This chocolate tastes just like the normal chocolate except I don't have to worry about my blood sugars. No aftertaste. Amazing and no hidden junk.

Back To Purchase Another 6 Packages

I’ve tried several “Keto” chocolates, and they either weren’t truly keto or they had that weird keto aftertaste. Goalz chocolate is both keto and delicious. I don’t eat any other sweet treat other than this chocolate. I’m down 30 lbs, and have these chocolates everyday. This is a must try! Now I buy 6 at a time to make sure I don’t run out. Makes a great gift as well.

Love this product

Finding a great keto chocolate that is alloluse only was impossible until I found this company. Chocolate chips are perfect and help me keep on my keto diet. Only company I now use.

Incredible confectionery

Delicious & rich treat. I have already provided my husband with the website for future gifts. And I will be ordering more as gifts. Best chocolates ever. So glad I found your company.
Additionally your packaging is perfection, even in this summer heat. Thank you!

Amazing chocolate!!

Goalz chocolate tastes really great. Gave some to a friend without telling him it was sugar free - he loved it! Even when shipped in summer, mine arrived with no melting - packaging is that good.

Great Keto Chocolate

This was my first time buying and I will repurchase. They taste great and come from quality ingredients. I try to eat a low sugar diet with minimaly processed foods. These settle my sweet tooth without a buch of artificial ingredients.


No bitter aftertaste whatsoever!! Truly a luxurious chocolate. Pair with sugar free peanut butter and you'll have the perfect keto treat

Excellent Dark Chocolate Taste

I ordered the 3 Pack Bundle and decided to mix the discs with the dark chocolate chips and, voila, I found the perfect combination of sweetness for my taste (I like my chocolate less sweet than most). High quality and beautifully packaged discs - perfect for gifts.

Dark Keto Chocolate with Sicilian Pistachios

I started the Keto diet about 6 months ago and have missed bread and pasta terribly but I no longer miss chocolate. I've tried Goalz Dark, Dark with hazelnuts and Dark with sea salt. All are winners. No guilt, great taste.

Repeat Customer Again!

I may be addicted to this chocolate. It’s the only thing that satisfies my craving without kicking me out of ketosis . And I find that I prefer it over even full sugar treats. I now buy three packages at a time to ensure I don’t run out. I’ll be placing another soon. I can’t recommend these chocolates enough!

Good Product for a good price

The sweetener is good quality and was packaged with care. Taste is a subjective thing of course, but I like the taste of Allulose sweetener so I am happy with my purchase!

Great find!

Chocolate is delicious, customer support/service top notch! Will def be ordering from them again!

Loved the Chocolates!

I'm very happy to have found these delicious treats. Good quality and no funky aftertaste...just lovely dark chocolate. I will stick to the plain or almond as the coconut sprinkles did not add anything and just fell off the disc. Maybe if it were incorporated into the wafer it might work but as it is, not so much.

Great product

Great low carb, keto friendly, delicious product.