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4 Pack Low-Carb Chocolate Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Janet R. Gutierres (Fairfield, US)
Wonderful Product

Highly recommend. They have a smooth, rich chocolate taste that melt in your mouth. Definitely worth buying.

Goalz Chocolate Carrying Box
Susan S (Lexington, US)
So tasty and convenient

I am so pleased to have been introduced to Allulose as a replacement for toxic sugar. Even my fussy grandchildren love the milk chocolate!


THIS CAN’T BE REAL!!! My Review Title may seem a bit crude and I’m sorry, but IT’S THE TRUTH! Anyone doing keto knows the horrors that come with eating any sweets that contain sugar substitutes. Eat too many, and you’re in a race to the nearest restroom to unload — and it’s not the wet and wild ride that’s enjoyable.

Thanks to one of my best bros for recommending GOALZ, I can finally throw away those concerns.

I’m currently on a ketogenic diet and I’ve had to — sadly — lay off the sweets almost entirely. I’ve tried ALL the substitutes that exist (mostly dark chocolate) and can honestly say they’re all misses. And the ones that tasted even remotely decent didn’t have clean ingredients, and would kick me out of ketosis every time.

I check my glucose regularly via a blood glucose/keto meter, and GOALZ Milk Chocolate didn’t spike my numbers AT ALL, nor did it EVER kick me out of KETO!!! These chocolates hit on every mark for me:
100% CLEAN

I’m about to order the NEW Milk Chocolate with Roasted Almonds. THANK YOU to whoever created GOALZ! I can finally enjoy chocolate again.

Love these

I’m diabetic and have a love of chocolate. Goalz helps stay away from all that added sugar and still enjoy something sweet. I love the dark chocolate sea salt and the milk chocolate almond


The Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate with Mediterranean Sea Salt tastes great & satisfies my craving for something sweet. I’d definitely purchase again & look forward to trying other products!

Great Chochlates

I am a diabetic and cannot eat sugar. It is wonderful to have a great tasting product where I can enjoy chocolate without the spike to my blood sugar. Thanks Goalz for a great tasting product!


I love chocolate, Goalz is the Best💕

Great dessert!!

These totally fill my craving for chocolate! As a diabetic I appreciate a good chocolate when I find it and these are good!! I like the dark best so far which surprised me because I usually like milk chocolate. Love the sea salt!! Try these!!!

Devine chocolate…

Great tasting and good ingredients. Not overly sweet. Cool packaging too!


Perfect salt and dark chocolate balance bi highly recommend this. Easy to not overindulge too and just use as post dinner treat.

Great package

I enjoyed all flavors.

Milk chocolate

It has a great taste. It doesn’t have an after taste to it

Beautiful packaging and great taste

This chocolate does not taste like diet or keto chocolate. It is absolutely delicious. The packaging is beautiful and would make a great gift to someone watching their sugar intake.
I would like to suggest individually wrapped chocolate for travel and also cheaper packaging options to reduce costs for those of us that eat it ourselves. The pretty packaging is great for gift giving.

Unexpected surprise!

I purchased Goalz Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate with Mediterranean Sea Salt but I was very skeptical about doing so. I am a diabetic and I have tried so many sugar-free chocolates and have always been disappointed by what I tasted. Not so with Goalz! I am so pleased with the taste and texture and it is sugar free! I placed a second order and am excited in anticipation of its arrival. Goalz is honestly the best sugar-free chocolate I have ever had. Thank you 🙏🏻

Delicious decadence

The Milk chocolate is my favorite. Great product.

Milk and dark chocolates

These chocolates are amazing! They taste so good I thought I was eating real sugar. Highly recommend!

Excellent chocolate, beautifully presented

Gave this gift pack to my husband for Valentine’s Day. We both loved the chocolate and the gift looked beautiful. We will be ordering again soon!


Nice change from the dark chocolate. Both are awesome.

Valentine's Gift Pack - Make It Your Own
Theresa (Huntersville, US)
Beautiful Packaging

Of course, the candy was delicious - but the packaging was also BEAUTIFUL.


I love the smoothness of the dark chocolate wafers. This helps me to stay on my keto lifestyle by allowing a low calorie, keto snack!

Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate with Organic Coconut
Michael sena (Myrtle Beach, US)
Goalz Chocolate

Wow! Being a health enthusiast and now able to enjoy your chocolate with only 1 gram of sugar and tastes great- THANK YOU!!!

4 Pack Low-Carb Chocolate Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Franco Bitanga (Granada Hills, US)
Taste great!

Love the flavor and portions of these chocolates.

Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate with Roasted Hazelnuts
LaVonne Sarati Washington (Tampa, US)
My absolute favorite chocolate

I am hooked on this delicious chocolate. Trust you won’t miss the ones in the store. This is the best I’ve ever had and so I always keep a stash! ❤️


Each wafer is the perfect size to indulge your sweet tooth with no artificial aftertaste.

Goalz Chocolate Carrying Box
Tiffany Rice (Orlando, US)
Great Tin for on the go chocolate snack

I tried all three nut versions and love them all, but the Pistachio is my favorite. The dark chocolate is smooth and the nuts add a crunch. You only need one or two pieces to get your fix. I love the little tin for taking some on the go!