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Tastes great with no aftertaste! Perfect to satisfy the sweet tooth. Packaging is also great! Friends think it’s fancy!

Goalz Elegance Gift Pack - Mix & Match
Rose Hall (Lexington, US)
Best keto chocolate!

I love this product! The taste is incredible and the packaging is perfect. It looks high end and is proportioned for success.
My favorite keto chocolate.

Love these chocolates!

The sea salt is my favorite. I will be a regular customer

Better than any other keto candy out there!

This candy hits the spot. Perfect size to satisfy that chocolate craving. Dark chocolate sea salt is my favorite. Almond and pistachio are real close seconds.

Dark Keto Chocolate with Roasted Almonds
Trudy Graves (Mrs. Robert Graves) (Orlando, US)
So delicious and guiltless

This chocolate is as good or better than any I have had with far more carbs.
Will be pleased to order more in the future. I have 3 family members ages: 42,11,and 6 who are Type 1 diabetics and one who is Type 2. They are all chocolate lovers and now I know I can gift them with chocolate and not feel at all guilty.

4 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Ronda Schwartz (Philadelphia, US)
Excellent chocolate. You will not believe they are missing sugar

These chocolates are extremely high quality and absolutely delicious. I have dietary sugar restrictions and these are the absolute best chocolates I have ever tasted. I will be ordering more!

Excellent chocolate!

This is the second review that I've written. I am in the process of ordering for a third time. This chocolate is smooth, creamy and the taste is fantastic. I am wondering what the % of dark chocolate it is. It is not on the label.

Great job shipping in the heat

I love these chocolates and have ordered a few times. However, I was nervous about ordering them to be shipped in the August heat! I couldn't wait so I tried it. And it worked out perfectly. They were packaged in heat resistant packaging and sent via fast shipping. No problems, the chocolate was perfect.

First time customer.....

This is the cleanest and best tasting allulose. The consistency is fine and great for using for baking and sweetening drinks. Glad I found Goalz!

best chocolate!

I have tried many different brands of chocolate for keto and low carb diets--this has been my favorite and my blood sugars handle it well!

Goals dark chocolate and allulose !

Awesome product! Quality ingredients and tast that is unmatched with any other sugar free products out there !

High quality allulose

I use allulose for various projects (chiefly a no-sugar ice cream, but as a sugar replacement in sauces, including teriyaki, etc) and have purchased a number of brands and I actually think the quality of the GOALZ package is the best. Which makes sense, considering how good the chocolate is. The price is competitive too.

Other (even big) brands I've bought at natural food stores or online have sometimes had effects they SHOULDN'T for allulose, like a cooling mouthfeel (erythritol contamination, who knows what) which has ruined some projects. GOALZ is the way to go.

4 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Vona Shodja (Myrtle Beach, US)
Perfect substitute

I am a dark chocolate fan and I have given up sugar. This chocolate is the perfect substitute because it doesn’t taste so fake like many other “keto” brands. My hubby even likes it and now I have to order double batches!

Class Act

First time buyer here. Really impressed with the packaging, taste and quality of chocolates. Everything about it was visually pleasing. I liked that each chocolate disc was separated by an embossed paper disc. Love that it's Keto friendly with allulose. Arrived on a hot day nestled in cold packaging with the contents in perfect condition. Looking forward to additional flavors.

Best Keto - No sugar chocolate

We eat very low carb and this is an awesome treat. I bought Liliy chocolate a while ago, which was stevia sweetened and it was BAD. This tastes like the real deal. You do have to monitor that your don't over eat because they are so good!

Allulose Chocolate Chips - Ketogenic, Dark, Sugar Free
Robyn Medcalf (San Luis Obispo, US)
Never delivered

Despite multiple attempts to communicate and clarify my delivery address via text and email, my order was never delivered and I have not received a refund. I was really looking forward to trying this brand for the first time. Hope the less than optimal quality of their customer service is not indicative of the quality of the product.

Dark Keto Chocolate with Roasted Hazelnuts
nelson ortega (Staten Island, US)
A dream come true

Hazelnuts are one of my favorite nuts since I was young and dark chocolate as well. When I saw that goals had combined them both I had to give them a try. It did not disappoint. Fantastic product. Will be adding it on my to get more list.

Dark Keto Chocolate with Mediterranean Sea Salt
Mediterranean Sea Salt delite!

Quite tasty & simply delicious!

4 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
dsc (Brandywine, US)
I'm addicted!

I am unable to eat processed sugar, gluten, or dairy. It can be really hard to satisfy my need for chocolate with those limitations. I am absolutely addicted to Goalz. I've tried all varieties and they are all lovely. This is high quality and really good "good for you" chocolate! I highly recommend trying!

Goalz Elegance Gift Pack - Mix & Match
Diane Friedman (Martins Ferry, US)

Goalz Elegance Gift Pack - Mix & Match

Great Tasting Chocolate!

Tastes just as good as their discs but in chip form. Perfect for baking or a keto topping like yogurt!

4 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Erik Rogers (Weaverville, US)
Great Chocolate, Great Company!

The chocolate is exceptional. My 9 year old son absolutely loves the pistachio. Summer packaging is above and beyond. Thank you!!

4 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Michael Moniz (Portsmouth, US)
Superior Chocolates!

My partner has allergy issues ( dairy / vegan ) and these chocolates are the best she has eaten. Thank you for your response to those who have issues with dairy!!

4 Pack Bundle - Mix, Match, Save
Diana Day (Harlowton, US)

These are great sugar free chocolates.

Total Yum!

The quality and deliciousness of this product is totally satisfying. One of the best chocolates I found on the keto and carnivore diet.