sugarless dark chocolate sweetened with allulose

Sugar Free Craft Chocolate

What is Craft Chocolate?

It is usually used as a synonym to bean to bar chocolate and it means exactly as it sounds. Chocolate makers, buy their beans from South America, Africa, Far East Asia, and Caribbean. Cocoa trees are anywhere between 20 degrees north and south of the equator. Cocoa beans have different taste and crystallization depending on its origin, the types closer to the equator are better in quality. 

One important characteristic of craft chocolate is the number of ingredients, which is quite low, sometimes as low as two. Just cocoa beans and sugar. Traditionally cocoa butter and lecithin are also common ingredients and of course milk solids in case of milk chocolate.

Chocolate behavior is pretty hard to control so large manufacturers end up putting more chemicals and process the cocoa beans much further to control the end result. This of course compromises the health benefits of cocoa beans rendering it a fattening snack.

cocoa bean


Sugar Free Craft Chocolate

Chocolate makers usually are upset with not using sugar as traditionally done. Since  it is really hard to predict the behavior of chocolate without sugar and  not much known about the crystallization of the cocoa butter without the help of sugar, the end result usually is not satisfactory.

This is the reason we had to do two years of research to achieve similar behavior and taste of sugar in our chocolates. From the after taste which cannot be less than heavenly to the melting location in our tongues. Our cocoa beans appreciated our diligence and granted us the most exquisite chocolate without the undesirable properties of sugar. The goal was to create the most delicious chocolate without spiking blood glucose levels, without adding elements of questionable origin. So our chocolates are not only suitable to ketogenic, low carb, diabetic diets and they also are there for anyone desiring to enjoy chocolate without the guilt.



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