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Plant Based Natural Sweeteners - Allulose vs Others

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Plant-based sweeteners are found in nature. Stevia Extract and Monk Fruit were the only acceptable sweeteners until recently. They both are 100s of times sweeter than table sugar. So they both need to be used minimally. For this reason, they usually are mixed with unacceptable 'fillers' so they mimic table sugar. If you try to taste pure stevia, you will regret it. Even the most seasoned diet experts can't tolerate it.

Allulose is the new hot plant-based sugar on the market. It is so popular that everyone is having a hard time getting their hands on it.

What is Allulose?

Allulose has been in nature as long as we had fruits. It is called a rare sugar, as it is found in small amounts in nature like in figs, dates, etc. Recently it is discovered that sugar can be fermented, exactly like we produce kombucha, to be able to produce allulose.

In short, Allulose is a type of sugar that already exists in nature in small amounts and now we can mass produce it through fermentation. This became a game-changer. 

Is Allulose Keto Friendly?

It absolutely is. It contains 4gr of carbs in one tablespoon. But the net carb amount is 0 since it cannot be digested by humans. In addition to this, its glycemic index also stands at an impressive 0. Note that there are some 0 carb/0calorie ingredients like dextrin, and dextrose but their glycemic index exceeds table sugar which means it will jump your blood sugar worse than regular sugar.

In keto, we have to keep a tab on our carb intake but also our blood sugar needs to be stable. Allulose is excellent on both fronts.

Why Allulose? Our story...

Here is the story of us choosing allulose. We have been testing with only plant-based sweeteners. We had several options, like stevia and monk fruit.

Allulose vs Stevia and Monk Fruit

The problem with stevia is the aftertaste today. When it was first introduced decades ago, it was impossible to mix into drinks and the smell was so strong it was impossible to tolerate other than in a strong coffee. These were pure unaltered stevia leaves. Manufacturers came up with several methods to make it more palatable. With the inclusion of enzymes, we don't sense the actual taste of the product. Also, they had to mix it with fillers so it is more usable. Today stevia is Rebaudioside A, which generally is recognized as safe.

Monk fruit suffers through similar problems. Before you purchase a product that has the label "Made with Stevia" or "Made with Monk Fruit", please check the other ingredients. You may be surprised to see sugar alcohols or other sweeteners to adjust the taste of stevia/monk fruit.  

When we came to allulose, first and foremost it tastes exactly like sugar since it's made similar to sugar. The process of extraction also is favorable as it is fermentation. One thing negative about allulose is that it is way more expensive than any other sweetener and it is very hard to obtain in manufacturing quantities.

No Compromise

Coming from a line of candy makers, we knew quality cannot be compromised. Chocolate making is not an easy process, it deserves a lot of respect and if you won't be doing it well, don't do it at all. 

And this is our journey, bringing the best no sugar keto chocolate, tasting the way the artisan chocolate should, you will wonder why the sugar chocolate still exists.


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  • Belinda Gannett

    How well does the chocolate melt for a recipe? I’m thinking warm heavy cream poured over them as is how I melt other chocolate for , say, ganache?

  • Janice

    Nutrition information?

  • Marcia

    I use Allulose & happy with it… but need to know is there any corn at its root?
    I am allergic to corn, sugar….. is it truly
    only from figs , dates? Thanks

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