Here we will give a comprehensive overview of Allulose based on latest data and the recent academic research. If you have further questions about Allulose please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

allulose vs stevia vs monk fruit. Sugar has insane amount of calories packed in small amount. Allulose is on the other hand negligible amount of calories. Regular sugar is completely metabolized  and spikes insulin levels. Allulose & Stevia are safer.

What is Allulose?

Allulose is the new hot plant-based sugar on the market. It is preferred over regular sugar because Allulose has an almost negligible amount of calories, zero net carbs, and a glycemic index of zero. It is preferred over other no-calorie sweeteners since Allulose's characteristics and taste are very similar to sugar. One downside of Allulose is it is a rare sugar and more expensive than the others.

Allulose has been in nature as long as we had fruits. It is a rare sugar that exists naturally in produce like figs, grapes, dates, maple, etc.  Allulose is referred to as a “rare sugar” due to its discovery in small quantities in nature.

Recently it is discovered that sugar can be fermented, exactly like we produce kombucha, to be able to produce allulose. This became a game-changer. 

Is Allulose Keto Friendly?

It absolutely is. The net carb amount of Allulose is 0 since it cannot be metabolized by humans. In addition to this, its glycemic index also stands at an impressive 0. Note that there are some 0 carb/0calorie ingredients like dextrin, and dextrose but their glycemic index exceeds table sugar which means it will jump your blood sugar worse than regular sugar.

In keto, we have to keep a tab on our carb intake but also our blood sugar needs to be stable. Allulose is excellent on both fronts.

A picture showing figs and grapes. Allulose naturally exists in figs and grapes. Even though it exists in fruits, most of the commercially available allulose is derived from corn.

Why Allulose?

Allulose starts in nature, bakes, and freezes like sugar but it is not counted as sugar as per FDA guidelines. According to research allulose have no impact on blood glucose levels. While some allulose is absorbed, it is not metabolized. Even though there are occasional issues reported, current research shows that allulose is well tolerated without causing many gastrointestinal symptoms like many other keto-approved sweeteners and sugar alcohols. It tastes exactly like sugar since it's made from sugar. The process of extraction also is favorable as it is fermentation-based.

Is Allulose Safe?

Yes. Allulose has received Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) status from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Based on FDA guidance, people of all ages can enjoy allulose in foods and beverages.

A bowl of Almond Cookies sweetened with Allulose. Allulose is great for baking cookies as well as making chocolates.

Is Allulose good for Baking?

Allulose is the perfect sweetener to replace sugar in your recipes since it tastes like sugar, it browns like sugar, it measures very close to sugar (0.7 to 1). But there are a few tips you need to know for different types of Allulose used in your recipes. Check out Michelle Oten's blog post about Baking and Cooking with Allulose for more information.

Also, take a look at Michelle's Allulose Dessert Recipes in her Keto Recipes blog. If you do not have powdered Allulose yet, try Goalz powdered Allulose. It is one of the finest pure Alluloses in the market for all types of baking and cooking since it is developed for confectionery use.

Goalz fine Allulose powder

Where to buy Allulose?

Allulose is not available in Europe. While it is getting popular in the U.S., it is not easy to find Allulose in brick-and-mortar stores like Walmart and Target in most states. Allulose is available in various online stores like Amazon and GOALZ ALLULOSE SHOP. One thing to pay attention to when buying Allulose for baking is checking out the ingredients first. Some brands add fillers to make Allulose measure 1 to 1 with sugar. However, it is always better to buy pure Allulose and arrange the amount yourself. Goalz Allulose is very fine with a granule mesh size between 60 and 80. This makes it perfect for most uses such as confectionery and baking. SHOP POWDERED ALLULOSE

Where to Buy Allulose Chocolates

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Where to Buy Allulose Chocolate Chips

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